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Separation and Divorce Family Mediation


Family Mediation, Parenting Plans & Parenting Coordination


Voice of the Child Reports (VOR), & Child Inclusive Mediation


Third Party Screening for Family Arbitration

Professional Conduct, Ethics, Respectful Workplace & Violence Prevention, WFA, PHSA


Coaching & Leadership, Conflict Management Mentoring 


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  • Family Mediation, Separation and Divorce

  • Family Mediation, Parenting Plans & Parenting Coordination 

  • Voice of the Child Reports (VOR), & Child Inclusive Mediation 

  • Child Inclusive Mediation, Voice of the Child Reports

  • Third Party Screening for Family Arbitration

  • Intergenerational Mediation & Family Conflicts

  • Professional Ethics, Code of Conduct & Respectful Workplace Consulting, Assessments, Investigation and Restoration - WFA Certified.  Psychological Health and Safety Advisor. 

  • Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Threat of Workplace Violence

  • Executive and Strategic Conflict Management & Mentoring

  • Negotiations & Advocacy - Shuttle Diplomacy
  • Business Dispute Resolution; Workplace Conflicts/Harassment 

  • Human Rights Complaints Investigations
  • Conflict Coaching & Strategies Mentoring

  • Leadership Mentoring 

  • Personal Coaching

  • Negotiations, Ombuds and Advocacy



Stephane Noel, mediator

Stéphane Noël is the sole proprietor and owner of Noël Mediation Services.  He is a professionally accredited family mediator with the Ontario Association for Family Mediation AccFM (OAFM) and is also accredited by the Alternate Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario and Canada Q.Med (ADRIO & ADRIC).  Stéphane facilitates successful conflict resolution processes in a multitude of areas.  Stéphane has extensive experience with interviewing children.  He is a trained Voice of the Child Reports practitioner and he also offers Child Inclusive Family Mediation.  He is a trained arbitrator and also a parenting coordinator. 


Stéphane is currently a roster mediator / Independent Contractor with a Family Court connected family mediation clinic in York Region and a Complaints Facilitator for the Ontario Ministry of Health's Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS) formerly known as (LHIN) as a third party neutral mediating service complaints for in-home care services and in disputes involving institutional settings such as retirement residences and long-term care facilities placements and quality of care disputes.

Stéphane leverages personal and professional experiences garnered from applied practice in a wide variety of roles during his combined 31 years of service in the conflict rich law enforcement profession, his prior military career as a Canadian Armed Forces Air Traffic Control commissioned officer and his current mediation practice.   A lifelong self-directed, learner Stéphane holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Services with Honours and he is engaged in continuous and extensive professional training in alternate dispute resolution. 


Reputed for having an unwavering professional work ethic, sound judgement and a fine attention to detail, Stéphane is fittingly skilled in many areas which includes negotiation, conflict and leadership coaching, personal coaching and alternative dispute resolution, mediation.

Stéphane is highly experienced in leadership roles, including mentoring and coaching individuals to success and building cohesive teams; conducting professional standards and code of conduct ethics complaints, policy and criminal code investigations; policy analysis, occupational health and safety, human resources management; organizational behaviour and organizational strategic thinking.  Stéphane is a certified Workplace Fairness Assessment (WFA) Workplace Investigator and Restoration practitioner and a Canadian Mental Health Association accredited Psychological Health and Safety Advisor (PHSA).


Stéphane is a highly skilled investigator with extensive specialized training and a wealth of practical experiences derived from numerous years of conducting high level sensitive matter interviews of adults, the elderly and children.  He is consistently described as respectful, one who demonstrates resolute professional ethics and always exudes a professional presence.  He remains focused and calm inspiring while confronted with emotionally charged parties and persons experiencing crisis and when presented with complex situations.


Stéphane  possesses an innate ability to assist in de-escalation of emotionally charged conflicts and parties by calmly supporting individuals through creative problem-solving processes while providing articulate, respectful and analytical perspectives to help individuals in assessing their options and assist them in re-framing issues to gain new perspectives and insights.  This assists conflicting parties in achieving successful resolutions in a variety of situations, while prioritizing principles of respect, confidentiality and self-determination.


Noël Mediation Services, Services de Médiation Noël offers a fully bilingual professional mediation practice.  Trained in a number of dispute resolution techniques and philosophies including the gold standard Harvard Interest Based Mediation model and the Ontario Family Court recognized Ontario Association For Family Mediation (OAFM) Insight Mediation model, Stéphane assists individuals seeking Alternate Dispute Resolution options as an alternative to lengthier; public, more time consuming and less self-determined outcomes that is often experienced in the far more expensive legal court processes in resolving most disputes.  


Practice areas include: Family law matters including divorce and separation, parenting agreements, Voice of the Child Reports including child inclusive mediation; parenting coordination, family relations including intergenerational familial conflicts and intergenerational issues; elder care & quality of care for in-home, hospital and other institutional settings such as long-term health care facilities placements and private retirement residences care or service complaints. Workplace Fairness and Analysis Assessments, Consultations, Investigation & Restoration.  Professional misconduct, human rights complaints, harassment and sexual harassment investigations.


Services are offered in person or virtually via Zoom platform. I look forward to speaking with you to help you or your organization or family evaluate if I can be of assistance to you in resolving your dispute.

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Perth, Ontario

Tel:  613-293-2247

Fax: Health Canada PIPA Standards compliant Secure Fax:  844-946-0840

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